Thursday, April 22, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Texture

Jody and I had a very busy week and only decided on our theme of "texture" yesterday. Luckily, I'm a seasoned procrastinator and work well under pressure. :) We figured that since texture is everywhere it wouldn't be hard to grab a shot around the house last night. I love the way our shots fit together this week. There are obvious differences, like how Jody's shot portrays more of a "hard" texture and has several items in the shot compared to the "softness" of the blanket and my shot focuses more on a single shape on the blanket. I chose to convert my shot to grayscale (except for the heart which I left pink) and I loved how it coordinated with the rocks: most of them were gray, but a few have slightly pink tones. Even one of the rocks in the pic (toward the left-center) seems to have a heart-shape to it, but that may just be my imagination!


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Pattern

Our theme for this week's Team Thursday was "pattern." I love the patterns Jody chose to shoot: very funky! I like the contrast between the black and white and color patterns. I chose to shoot a repeating pattern that was lined up by my daughter, Emily. They focused on this in class a couple months ago and ever since she points out repeating patterns wherever we go!


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Best Shot Monday: Heart-shaped Leaves

I decided to join Cara in signing up for Tracey Clark's Picture Spring class. The class started when while I was down in Disney vacationing, so it was challenging to get all of the shots and post them. But the nice thing about the class is that there is no pressure to capture each and every daily theme. So far it has been a wonderful experience. I love being given the different themes so you can explore your creativity behind the lens on a daily basis. The shot below was taken over the weekend when we were asked to capture a heart shaped theme. My husband thought I was crazy when I saw these leaves and stopped in the middle of mowing the grass to run into the house. When I came out with my camera he said, "You're bloody ridiculous!" Some people just don't understand! :)


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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Simple

This week Jody and I decided to pick the theme of "Simple" and it was anything but that for both of us! Everywhere I looked I saw complex signs, architecture, patterns, designs, etc. I tried to look around for a daisy since I think of those as a simple flower, but all I ran into were orchids...definitely not simple in my mind. Finally, yesterday when I picked up the kids, Emily asked me if we could have pancakes for dinner. I had so many things to do so I didn't feel like taking the time to make them from scratch. So I opened the cabinet and took out my backup stash of "just add water" pancake mix. What could be more simple than that! Jody said she had a hard time finding something "simple" as well so she used this sign she shot while vacationing. Too bad it isn't easy to portray "simple" people in a photograph because I could have taken plenty of those! Haha!


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Vacation

Jody and I decided to pick the theme of "Vacation" since she just got back from a spring break getaway and I'm down here at Disney right now. I love the little drink umbrella sticking out of the bacon in Jody's shot. She said her daughter did it one morning on their vacation at the breakfast table. I wanted a general shot to represent Disney so I decided to use the shot I captured of the Mickey balloons at the park's entrance. I love the reflection of people in all of the balloons. Wow, is it crowded here! The bus driver told us that they had to stop letting people into Magic Kingdom around 2:30PM for the past 2 days for a little while until some people left because the park was at it's maximum capacity. I think I was the only one who didn't mind the crowd. But after all, I am a devout Black Friday shopper!


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