Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tyler!

My baby is not a baby anymore - Tyler turned 3 today! We decided to go out to dinner and let Tyler choose where he wanted to go. We had our fingers crossed that it wasn't going to be McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese. He ended up picking Famous Dave's BBQ, which we thought was a bit odd, but then we took one look at Emily who was smiling and realized where the idea came from. After all, they do serve Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, Fries and Oreo cookies as a Kid's Meal - what's not to love, right? Anyway, we had a great time and Tyler opened his birthday presents. His favorite was Alphie. I can't believe they brought that toy back. I remember that when I was a little girl!

Some of Tyler's traits and "favorites" right now...

  • Color - Yellow
  • Movies - Toy Story, Nemo and The Little Mermaid
  • Cartoon Characters - Spongebob and Mickey Mouse
  • Foods - Clementines, Blueberries, French Fries
  • Drink - Chocolate and "Pink" Milk
  • Frequent Saying - "Nuh Uh" or "Yeah Huh"
  • Tyler walks in Emily's shadow and mimics her constantly.....good and bad actions! :)
  • He loves boots.  He was constantly wearing his rain boots and Emily's boots around the house so we recently bought him a pair of light-up Toy Story cowboy boots.  He loves them!
  • He is a night owl like me.  Emily is always the first to fall asleep between the two of them. 
  • Tyler is sooooo independent!  This is probably another trait he picked up from Emily.  Whenever someone tries to help him, he responds "no, I do it!"
  • He is such a sensitive little man, and whenever you show that you are upset by something he did, he runs over and gives you a kiss and a hug and says, "I sorry, mommy."  He also randomly comes over and gives me a squeeze and says, "I miss you, I love you."

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