Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Me: Week 5 (Daily Activities)

I know, I looks like I cheated a little bit this week, but I have a good excuse! And besides, those 3 fingers are mine so I am technically in the shot. Haha. Anyway, Cara and Jessie picked "Daily Activities" for this week's theme. So here is my excuse. We just went live with a new computer system at my work and I was one of the suckers analysts supporting this Go-Live. The fun began last Friday night and will continue until mid February. I've been working the 7pm-8am shift since last week. Fun, right? Not so much when you're salaried. Anyway, I don't think I have done much of anything this week except monitor a queue, fix issues and try to get a nap in here and there in the off hours. Typing on a laptop has pretty much been my sole daily activity this week so that's the direction I had to go for my shot. Check out the others in the Flickr pool here.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Me: Week 4 (Focus on Unusual Elements)

I've got to be honest with ya.....Cara and Jessie picked a tough one for this week's theme: Focus on Unusual Elements. I decided to go about it in a different way. This project is about reflecting on yourself and sharing those things with others in the group. So I decided to share a photo I took of myself this week showing some likes of mine. (I love this shot because I am out of the center of attention and in the background) Hehe! One of the things I love to do (when I have time) is reading. Many who know me can attest to the fact that I usually can be found reading more "reference" type books on Photoshop or other general camera topics. But in the past couple years, I have tried to read different fiction books recommended by others, such as the Twilight and Janet Evanovich series. I really liked them! More recently, it was suggested I check out the "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" series. I am only on the first one, but love it so far! Anyway, I thought to include this book in the picture as an "unusual element" of my usual reading collection. I also had to include my absolute favorite smiley mugs. They aren't your typical coffee mugs since they date back from the 70s. Plus, the fact that I collect smileys is an unusual element in itself! Whew...hope next week is easier! Check out the others in the Flickr pool here.

Week4_Unusual Elements

Saturday, January 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Me: Week 3 (Focus on the Eyes)

Cara and Jessie's theme for the 52 Weeks of Me project this week was "Focus on the Eyes." I just didn't care for any of the pics I took of myself this week so Cara helped me pick one. Thanks, Cara! A friend was teasing me, saying that I don't always have to smile in my pictures for the project. But it is sooooo hard for me!! Everyone who knows me will agree that it is not like me NOT to smile! I'm always smiling. So in the end, here is a picture I came up with while I was trying to just make a "straight" face. But, truth is I think I look a little pissed off or possessed (can't tell which) instead. Oh well...I tried! Check out the others in the Flickr pool here.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Me: Week 2 (Reflective Surfaces)

This week's theme for Cara and Jessie's 52 Weeks of Me project was "Reflective Surfaces." I had a little harder time than I would have thought. I looked in regular mirrors, driver-side and rear-view car mirrors, retail shop windows, etc. and didn't like any of the photos I was getting. I didn't spend a lot of time outside this week, so most of the shots I was experimenting with were indoors and I just didn't like the light. Then last night I was resting my head at the dining room table while the kids were coloring. I looked down, saw my reflection in the table and thought, "Last hope of getting a shot!" This is how it turned out below and you can check out the others in the Flickr pool here.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Me: Week 1 (Traditional Portrait)

Well, another year has passed and it's time to make some new resolutions. Other than trying to exercise more, here are some of my 2011 goals:

1) Maintain a positive attitude...see the best in people.
2) Try to think of new activities/crafts to try with the kids to spend extra time together
3) Become a better (and faster) Photoshop user.
4) Keep taking photos on a regular basis to continually improve my skills.

I started early on my photography goals by deciding to participate in the 52 Weeks of Me Project started by Cara and Jessie. Now I can't think of anything a loathe more than self-portraits, but I promised Cara I would give it a whirl. If nothing else, I will get a few new Facebook profile pics to use! :) Below is my "Week 1" self portrait shot. This week's theme was "traditional portrait."

I also decided to start a 52 Week project called 52 Weeks of Photoshop Fun. I use Photoshop regularly to edit my photos, but I know I am spending way to much time each one because my Photoshop editing skills are lacking. There are some areas that I have become fairly good at using, but there are so many existing tools that I have spotted and have never even attempted to use. I'm going to try to choose a Photoshop tool/function each week and edit one of my weekly shots using that tool. Then I will post a before and after to demonstrate. Who knows how good the edit shots will turn out, but I'm hoping this project will help me become an overall better Photoshop user. Feel free to join the group, even if you don't want to commit to posting weekly. It would be great to see other before and after example shots to see the tools in action! For the theme for Week 1, I decided to choose Photoshop's "liquify" tool. After all, it's the New Year and many people will once again attain to be more healthy. Well until those pounds can be shed, I thought it was appropriate to give this tool a whirl since many people refer to it as the "digital diet." :)

Week 1

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